Let's Refresh Your Space!

Do you have multiple areas in need of an update? Looking to create a cohesive flow from room to room?

Maybe you have an inspiration file or a design concept in mind, but aren't sure how to implement it in your existing space.  

Maybe you want to refresh your current space using what you already have and need to add or replace a few key pieces and some accessories and need some creative direction and a plan of action.

Maybe you have a checklist of all the things you'd like to update and have no idea where to begin, what to tackle first, or how to make sure the choices you make now will work with your future goals for the space.

The Room Refresh consultation will help you make the right choices so you can update your space with confidence!

You’ll get an honest assessment of your space and clear direction to achieve the look you love.

We’ll work within your budget and existing space to create a home that feels as welcoming and functional as it is beautiful.

At the end of the consultation, you’ll have notes, sketches with applicable dimensions, a color story, inspiration images, and a detailed list of the steps to take to create a new space by combining what you have with a few new elements.

This meeting is also a great project kickoff if you should decide to book additional services!

How does it work?

1. Book your complimentary discovery call. Every service begins with our free 15 minute discovery call. We’ll confirm that this package is right for your project before you make your purchase.

2. Purchase the Room Refresh Package (this page).

3. Sign into your MyDoma account and complete your Pre-Consultation Assessment. This will prepare us for your consultation so we can get to work on creating a space you’ll love.

4. Schedule your 2 hour consultation. During this Zoom appointment we will create a mood board, conceptual sketches and a prioritized plan of action so you can move forward with confidence.

Are you ready? Let’s breathe new life into your space!